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 Shadowrun RPG

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PostSubject: Shadowrun RPG   Shadowrun RPG Icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 11:02 pm

Please read this before you start. You don't have to read the whole thing, just until you have a clear understanding of the setting of the game and some of the back story.

Quote :
You are a Shadowrunner, a street operative, scratching out a living on the mean sprawl streets.

You may be a human, elf, dwarf, ork or troll.

From lethal street samurai, to well connected info-brokers.

Spell-slinging mages to code-cracking hackers.

No matter what your professional, corprate pawn or 'deniable asset'.

You get the job done.
"The Shadowrun world is cross-genre, incorporating elements of both cyberpunk and urban fantasy. Unlike in a purely cyberpunk game, in the Shadowrun world, magic returns in 2011. Among other things, this causes humankind to split into subtypes, also known as metatypes. Some of these metatypes take the form of common fantasy races. Likewise, some animals have turned into familiar monsters of past fantasy and lore and both monsters and human magicians have regained magical powers. By the second half of the 21st century, in the time the game is set, these events are accepted as commonplace. Man, machine, and magic exist in a world where the amazing is among the most common and technology has entered into every facet of human (and metahuman) life

"The game is set 63 years in the future, following a great change that has returned magic to the world. The emergence of magic, the outbreak of the VITAS plagues, the Computer Crash of 2029, the Euro-Wars, and the fevers for independence of Amerindian tribes, Chinese provinces, and everything else that came with the many struggles that ravaged Europe and Asia during their struggle left the world's governments tumbling and falling. The United States was broken into substates. Monetary value was lost. The world had to rebuild, and rebuild they did, this time in the image of the Mega-Corporations that seized power. Taking advantage of the laws that had been passed years ago, and using their new found freedom, the Mega-corps began impressing their power on the failing governments. Before long the world was transformed. Boundaries were redrawn, and the political landscape was changed forever."
-Shadowrun's Wikipedia Page

Character Sheet
Quote :
Age: (Please no kids, sorry :/ And don't ask!)
Bio: (no need to write 5 paragraphs, just a sentence or two about your characters past)
Equipment List, but feel free to make up equipment! Same for classes and races!

Name: Andrew
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Street Samurai
Equipment: Vibro Sword, Predator II, Armor clothing(normal clothing that acts as if it was effective armor), concussion grenades
Bio: Andrew was orphaned at a young age, but was 'adopted' by the Nova Terra Corp., who were sort of insane, they create weapons so they can get money to basically kill everyone and refound civilization. he escaped at the age of 15, and managed to survive with the help of a small gang of kids who were around his age. After their leader died, they sort of drifted apart. Most of them forgot about the group, but some remembered people from the group. Andrew didn't remember, and is now a lone street samurai.
Extras: Andrew wears a plain white t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He has short black hair and light skin. His eyes are brown. He has some first-aid skill, but not much. It's enough to keep him alive...

This would've taken me hours to write if copy and paste didn't exist :p
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PostSubject: Re: Shadowrun RPG   Shadowrun RPG Icon_minitimeSun Jul 18, 2010 2:53 pm

I'll join!

Name: Chris
Age: 21
Gender: male
Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Equipment: Fire Staff, Dark Spellbook, Leather clothing, Dark Orb (thing used to channel magic)
Bio: Belonged to a normal family, but at age 16, he developed magic powers and his parents kicked him out onto the streets because they were afraid of what he would do if he got angry (which he often did) and his powers got out of control. His parents expected him to die, but he lived instead. He stole some equipment, honed his powers, and now he's out for revenge...
Extras: Knows mostly dark magic, but also has some knowledge of healing magic so he can keep alive. Wears Druid-like clothing, and never shows his face, so no one knows what he really looks like.
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Shadowrun RPG
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