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PostSubject: Isiah Forums   Isiah Forums Icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 11:18 am

Isiah Forums (no competition)
Some guy who calls himself Isiah told me all this stuff and forced me to advertise this forum.
Here's a forum. This guy is really stubborn, but he will occasionally Ghost Write projects for you. He also makes sprites, but it's very rare that he does.
He runs a project making association called Trout with a Switchblade Knife Productions.
He claims that the first one to join from here and send him the code TEEN will get a custom user title.
Note: There's definitely something fishy going on in that forum. He gave me all this information but there's only 4 visible posts. It looks like that guy, Rael, is there. The bottom of the board says "Four Topics", but there's only three. Isiah's post count is 2 more than it should be. He mentioned to me that Isiah wasn't his real name. And he reminds me a little bit of Taro.
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Isiah Forums
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